Selection Criteria Writing

Selection Criteria are used by the public sector and some organisations to shortlist candidates for job openings. They represent the essential qualifications, training, knowledge, personal attributes, abilities, skills and experience a person must have to do the job effectively.



Some people might have difficulties addressing Selection Criteria as they find hard to determine the length of answers, stumble on STAR methodology or are not sure of how to bring viable evidence of their soft or transferable skills.

What are the pros of preparing a Selection Criteria Response professionally, at least once?

  • The same Selection Criteria Response can be used for different applications (of course if you apply for similar roles). 
  • When writing a Selection Criteria response, one revisits their major career events and addresses them to illustrate one’s skills, knowledge and achievements. That will be helpful for a job interview preparation.
  • With addressing various selection criteria, one gets a great practice on how to use the STAR and CAR methods, the techniques that are crucial to master for future interviews.

How do I help?

  • I collect information by asking you specific questions and structure the response using the STAR or CAR method. I describe your traits and transferable skills through comprehensive examples.
  • I make sure your responses are straight to the point, easy to read and understand, and they are saturated with keywords, tools, and description of outcomes – all vital aspects required to win the position.

Get in touch if you have any questions about this service or for a FREE consultation to learn how you can improve your job prospects and take control of your career.

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