Resume Writing

Your new resume will help recruiters identify you professionally, it will cover crucial keywords and describe the role you played in various business processes as well as the tools, methodologies and technologies you used.



Your resume / CV will become a well-written description of your career journey to date. 

I will help you clearly define your professional identity for recruiters, your contribution to the roles that you undertook, and what tools and resources you used to achieve that.

Your  resume will provide a clear picture of how you enabled transformation and change or, in case your role was more operational, how you ensured your performance contributed to business operations.

We collect the information from the market and discuss what kind of roles, types of industries and companies are of interest to you and why.

We identify what required skills, knowledge and experience you possess and how your knowledge and skills can ensure success in a new role.

I ask a lot of questions about your experience and skills, which would often be like: And what happened? How much, how long, how often? How did you measure it? Why was it efficient? 

I help identify the subtle difference between responsibility, result and achievement. And the last but not the least I ensure your resume is ‘ATS-friendly’ which means: keywords, simple design, easy to process, parse, store and find.

All documents are proofread by professional proof-readers. We also use Grammarly Pro Package in our work. 

Get in touch if you have any questions about this service or for a FREE consultation to learn how you can improve your job prospects and take control of your career.

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