Platinum Job Search Package

The Platinum Job Search Package is the most wide ranging and in depth package available. 3 X resumes mean you can apply for different jobs and different roles and not be stuck with a single resume with a narrow focus. This gives you the best chance of success in your job search. This also the most popular package for immigrants who are highly experienced but need to start again in the job market in their new country and want to explore many options.

Suits all-rounders, top level professionals, immigrants and those looking at different options not confined to one role type.​



3 x Resumes

Expertly tailored resumes for different job roles and live scenarios.

3 x Cover Letters

3 Cover Letters will be designed for specific roles or similar types of roles.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

We redesign your LinkedIn profile, ensuring it is heavily saturated with the key words and ranks high in searches.

Job Search Strategy Training60 minutes

In-depth dive into the strategic aspect of the Job search, including establishing framework, identifying markets and companies of interest, choosing tools and techniques of reaching out to decision-makers.

LinkedIn for Personal Branding Training60 minutes

In-depth training on the LinkedIn Personal Branding. The training covers a wide range of aspects including professional positioning and perception, strategy for expanding your network, ways to engage influencers and industry-leaders, communication channels, frequency and type of preferred content. Success factors and indicators.

Interview Coaching – 120 minutes

Comprehensive Interview Training, covering numerous aspects of the process. The training includes STAR and CAR techniques, behavioural questions and situational tests. We provide eBook, and tailored Questions and Answers that we rehearse and polish.

Communication & Cultural Awareness Training – 60 minutes

Comprehensive training on the 8 scales of cultural differences that will help you navigate in a new environment, including professional and social life. You will acquire in-depth understanding of the cultural landscape in Australia and New Zealand, and will master the art of persuading, establishing relations, recognising and delivering feedback, ensuring transparency and clarity of your message and effectively working with international and local teams.

Get in touch if you have any questions  or for a FREE consultation to learn how you can improve your job prospects and take control of your career.

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