Interview Coaching

Interviews are never easy. The good news is that I can help you anticipate up to 90% of the questions and get you ready. During our interview training, you will master different techniques and methodologies on how to remain calm, confident and professional, yet genuine and friendly.


People hire those who they feel comfortable around. So, the first rule of getting ready for an interview, you need to calm your nerves. Being confident and treating a job interview as a discussion with friendly professional people who are genuinely interested in finding out more about your career, professional life, skills and knowledge, aspirations and dreams – helps.

But just like everything in your job search, an interview has a structure, and you will benefit from understanding the framework and anticipating recruiter and hiring manager questions.


During the interview training, you will 

  • Get a set of developed questions and answers tailored specifically to your industry, experience, desired role;
  • Boost your techniques and interview toolkits, including the STAR and CAR methods;
  • Explore verbal and non-verbal techniques for structuring and emphasising essential bits in your pitch;
  • Learn how to deal with an inexperienced or distracted interviewer, and turn the tables in the most unfavourable interview situations;
  • Develop a better understanding of the interviewer roles, their business pains and assurance they are seeking;
  • Establish an ability to structure your responses and ensure that your interviewers will be impressed, and, what’s more important, will remember you;
  • Dive into 10 secrets of how to ace video interviews and panel interviews;
  • Master class on phone interviews. How to understand and be understood. 10 tricks for non-native speakers.
  • Own the subtle art of humblebrag.

Get in touch if you have any questions about this service or for a FREE consultation to learn how you can improve your job prospects and take control of your career.

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