Cover Letter Writing

A tailored, genuine Cover Letter often is a shortcut to the hiring manager’s heart. I help to ensure that your Cover Letter captures essential information and makes your personality shine.


Cover letter – one of the trickiest aspects of job search. How long should a Cover Letter be? Should I refer to my CV or Resume in my Cover Letter? Who should I address it to if I have no idea who is a recruiter or hiring manager for this job? – These are just a  few of the questions that job seekers tend to ask, and I am happy to answer.

You need to treat your Cover Letter as an opportunity to deliver a pitch about how your skills, experience and enthusiasm help you excel in this role. It does not mean retelling your CV or writing a lengthy life story. The secret is to keep it simple and personal, yet professional and to the point. There are plenty of options to find out who is the hiring manager for the role, and I am happy to share these little tricks with you.

All documents are proofread by professional proof-readers. We also use Grammarly Pro Package in our work. 

Get in touch if you have any questions about this service or for a FREE consultation to learn how you can improve your job prospects and take control of your career.

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