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Job Search Packages

Give yourself the best chance of success in the job market and leave nothing to chance. These packages are designed with a combination of the most popular services so that you are fully equipped with not only a perfect resume and cover letter, but you have the job search skills, personal branding, interview training & workplace communication skills in your toolkit to give you the edge over your competition & get hired.

Silver Package

Suits graduates, career starters or people returning to the workforce.
$ 599
  • 1 X Resume
  • 1 X Cover Letter
  • Job Search Strategy Training- 30 mins
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Interview Coaching - 60 mins

Gold Package

Suits experienced, established in their careers, ready to progress with networking and Linkedin personal branding.
$ 899
  • 1 X Resume
  • 1 x Cover Letter
  • Job Search Strategy Training- 60 mins
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • LinkedIn for Personal Branding Training - 30 mins
  • Comprehensive Interview Coaching - 120 mins

Platinum Package

Suits all-rounders, high level pro's and immigrants considering various options & job roles
$ 1099
  • 3 x Resumes
  • 3 x Cover Letters
  • Job Search Strategy Training- 60 mins
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • LinkedIn for Personal Branding Training – 60 mins
  • Comprehensive Interview Coaching - 120 mins
  • Communicaton & Cultural Awareness Training

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How We Work Together

  • Our work together starts when I contact you after you purchase a job search package or individual service directly from the shop, or with an obligation-free call where we discuss your career to date and experience with job search. 
  • During this call, we review your Resume (or LinkedIn)  and decide which Job Search Package or Coaching service would be the best fit.
  • Once we agree on a set of services and the price, you are referred to T&C’s and receive an invoice. You can complete payment through this website using PayPal or credit card or by direct bank transfer.
  • Job Search Packages
  • Writing Services
  • Coaching
  • Support

Create Your Own, Platinum, Gold, Silver Packages

  • We start with a Job Search Strategy session and agree on the tools and action plan.
  • We then move onto the Resume and then proceed to LinkedIn and Coaching and Training sessions.
  • Please refer to the description of how we work on the individual services for details.
  • During the entire process, we frequently communicate via email and video conferencing calls, to ensure everything is on track. 

Resume, Cover Letter, Selection Criteria Response, Expression of Interest & LinkedIn writing.

  • We start with researching the job market, defining job roles and identifying  skills, knowledge and abilities that are crucial.
  • I ask for details of your previous experience, and then prepare the first copy of your Resume.
  • Once we agree on a final version, it goes to our proofreaders and gets finishing touches with Grammarly Premium.
  • After that, Cover Letter - you pick a role, and I write a Cover Letter for you, ensuring that your interest & suitability for the role is clear.
  • For the Selection Criteria responses, I  ask more questions (remember we need a story there), but the workflow is the same.
  • A Resume is a base for your LinkedIn profile, but there are also significant differences.

Interview Coaching, Job Search Strategy, Linkedin for Personal Branding, Communication & Cultural Awareness Coaching.

  • For Interview Coaching, I will ask you to provide me with your resume and the job description of the role.
  • I will send you the 'Acing Interviews with Olga Barrett' eBook, and a set of interview questions with my tips 'how to answer'. 
  • During the 1st session (30 min), we discuss the interview logistics, types of questions, differences in video, phone or face-to-face interview. 
  • The next 45-minute session will be a mock interview, where I ask you questions that might occur during your job interview.
  • The last 45-minute session is all about polishing your answers, making sure that you don't talk too fast or too much, you can navigate through your resume and that you are actually enjoying the process!
  • For the LinkedIn and Cultural Awareness training, we agree on a time, run the session, and you receive a presentation.
  • Within an agreed period, after finishing work on products and services, you can ask me any job search-related questions.
  • I also help my clients to become visible to recruiters and hiring managers by using the LinkedIn platform for personal branding.
  • I record short interviews, where my clients can introduce themselves, speak about their passions and aspirations, challenges and occasionally tell a funny story. More visibility, better outreach, more chances. 

Individual Services

If you would just like to avail of individual services and don’t require the benefits of a coaching package to help you in your job search, I offer services at an individual level also. If you would like to group more than 2 of these services together, you can create your own great value, personalised package using our awesome shop.

Resume Writing

Expertly written & keyword focussed to highlight your skills, achievements & career history

Cover Letter Writing

Pitch your genuine interest & suitability for the job with a well written cover letter

Interview Coaching

Gain practical experience of the interview process so you can banish your nerves and perform

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Build your brand to showcase what makes you stand out from others in your industry

Job Search Strategy Coaching

Learn how to proactively search for jobs and approach decision makers with confidence

LinkedIn for Personal Branding Coaching

Engage with your connections on Linkedin, be relevant, current, in view and in demand

Selection Criteria Writing

Structured responses to specific questions using defined STAR and CAR methods can mean the difference in your application

Communication & Cultural Awareness Coaching

Communicate confidently with people from diverse cultural backgrounds in the workplace

Unsure of which package or service best suits you?

Get in touch. I can tailor a package suitable for your needs.

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