Job Search and Change Management. What do they have in common?

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Jobsearch and everything this process entails is a serious transformation, and you need to make sure that you get all the support you need.

Quite often, we deal with clients who, while being quite unhappy with their current job situation, are also suffering from the fact that their loved ones have no idea of what our clients are dealing with.

Who are these people?

  • Someone, who at some point, sacrificed their professional life and dedicated a few years to taking care of the kids or elderly family members. Or possibly they were managing the household, ensuring their breadwinner partners could concentrate purely on bread and wins.
  • Others would be, ironically, high performers and breadwinners. Those who are the salt of the earth, pillars of the family budget. If not them, then who?
  • Next category will be immigrants who were looking for a job for looooong long time, and finally, they found it. Everyone’s happy. Except them.

So, let’s talk of how to ensure that your family will support you during your transformation times, and as every transformation – yes, it could be, and it should be appropriately managed.

Here I am bringing up some principles of Change Management and translating them into ‘I need a different job’ situation.

·        Help Your Family Understand the “why” – Creating urgency – there might be tonnes of reasons to look for a different job. It could be money, desire to catch up you’re your peers, mental health, socialisation and assimilation in a new country, your burning desire to do that, your skills, abilities and talents in a particular sphere. All of that you need to explain to your immediate family, cos change is coming!

·        Communicate a lot – Tell your family everything you have to. Why you need it, how you see it, how you plan it, what will happen in the case of success. And I would stick to ‘enchant with positive prospects if YES’rather than‘scare to death with negative consequences if NO’.

·        Focus Change On Entire Family – The future change will come upon the whole family, but it’s a good idea to focus on positive sides rather than let your family whine about inconveniences.

·        Establish and follow a process – You need to decide on your action plan, frequency and regularity of things you need to do and let all the family members know. If you need time to go to networking events, have a few hours per day to tailor your CV and apply for jobs, let them know. Talk about resources that you need – time, money, people. That could be LinkedIn Job Seeker package, professional career coaching, time for tailoring your CV, babysitters, house help.

·        Start with executives 🙂 get a sponsor – Make sure you are getting much-needed support of your partner, elder kids, extended family, friends – whoever who can help and support you 100%.

·        Consider the needs and perceptions of all stakeholders in the change process – You need to have a clear idea of how lives of people around you will change and discuss it with them.

·        Pay attention to the individual change process – What will change for each member of the family?

·        Effectively handle resistance – People naturally resist changes, so there’s no surprise here. Don’t get emotional, discuss coming change openly.

·        Celebrate early wins – You got an email from agency? – Hooray! They asked you to come in for an interview – Bring on the champagne!

·        Be clear on the metrics for success – Tell everyone, what would be a success metric for you and them.

·        Create Support Systems – Ask for help – ask your partner, extended family, friends, neighbours, community. Know who you can rely on.

So, all in all – Plan. Communicate. Ask for help. And the positive change (for everyone) will come. 😊