About Me

Olga Barrett | Career Transformation & Personal Branding Coach

Everyone wants a successful career that guarantees financial stability and brings satisfaction. A job with impact. Professional acceptance and recognition.

Unfortunately, many talented people are overlooked by companies, so they stay in unsatisfactory jobs, sinking in stagnation and self-doubt.

But everyone deserves to be seen, heard and understood.  

My mission is to help my clients to establish their personal brand and create an actionable job search and career development strategy. 

I help my clients Get Visible. Get Heard. Get Hired.

My Background

Career Transformation & Personal Branding Coach

Launched Successful Careers (formerly CV Wizard of OZ) in 2013 as Managing Consultant. Helped to transform careers of 1,800 clients working across multiple industries including Banking & Finance, Oil & Gas, Technology, Science, Engineering, Healthcare, Education, Digital Marketing. I help C-Suite and executive professionals, mature graduates, senior all-rounders, people changing industries or/and getting back to the workforce, immigrants.

Industry Expert

20 + years of Global Talent Acquisition and Human Resource Management. Led global teams across EMEA, APAC and the US, from start-ups to government agencies in Technology, Engineering, Mobility & Cloud, Telco. MS in Global HR Management, led change management & transformation projects


Actively engaged with major industry and community leaders, including INCO Academy, Rotary Club, City of Melbourne, Kaplan Business School, African Australian Youth Community, Jobs For Australia (NFP), Reconverse, Recruiter Events, Career Down Under, SBS Radio.

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