I will help you get the perfect job you want & build the successful career you deserve

Job Search Solutions | Career Coaching

I can help you get the job you want & build the successful career you deserve

Job Search Solutions & Career Coaching

Get seen. Get heard. Get hired.

Everyone deserves a great job. A job that provides financial security.  A sense of purpose. However, around 75% of applicants never hear back from employers.

Being ignored can not only cause frustration and even depression, it is simply unfair. Because everyone deserves to be seen and heard. 

Hi, I’m Olga, a Career Coach.  I help people get the jobs they want and transform and design their careers.

My mission is to bring you from uncertainty and frustration to career confidence and financial stability, by helping you build a transparent and manageable career strategy.

With my help, you will get your dream job and design a meaningful career.

Everyone deserves to be seen, heard and hired!

Olga Barrett

How I can help you

End to end career transformation solutions, designed to help you get the job you want; with a combination of Writing & Coaching services

Resume / Cover Letter Writing • LinkedIn Profiles Writing • Expression of Interest Letters • Selection Criteria Responses

Job Search Strategy • Interview Coaching • Communication & Cultural Awareness • Personal Branding Coaching

Coaching to support you in making informed decisions about your career development, role suitability, career transition and trajectory.

What Results Will You Achieve?

Improve your employability

Learn to research the job market. Create an action plan. Sell your skills. Become the best candidate.

Ace your communication

Understand decision-makers. Appreciate their business pains. Be a solution. Exude confidence

Take control of your career

Transition or upgrade to a more fulfilling career. Know your strengths & apply for the right jobs. Reduce stress.

Personal Branding

Chose the perception you want. Perfect your networking strategy. Voice your values and beliefs. Become visible & respected.

What my Satisfied Clients Say

(Reviews from 2020, before business name re-branding)

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